More than 40 years and still no justice

The Ballymurphy Massacre Families propose the appointment of an Independent Panel to examine all documents relating to the context, circumstances and aftermath of the deaths of their loved ones. Its focus would include: the investigation of the role of the British Government, British Army, criminal justice agencies such as the RUC, DPP, the Coroner’s Office and the significance of the media. The panel’s work would reflect the terms of reference of the British Government-funded work of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

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The horrific catalogue of events in Ballymurphy between 9th and 11th August 1971 have remained hidden from public knowledge and focus for almost 40 years. The families demand a full Independent international investigation.



The victims and their familes have never received public recognition or legal redress, the families demand a statement of innocence be issues by the British government.



The familes demand the British government to issue a public apology



The campaign for Truth and Justice enjoys international support, contact further information